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                                                                                                                                                                      THE HUMAN    

"I work with colours and brushes since I can think"

And that´s the way a never ending journey of discovery started. Almost three decades later, my enthusiasm
had  matured  and  until  today I reached  to  improve  and  perfection  special  techniques  that I discovered
´learning by doing´  by  myself as a result of my passion to experiment.  I like to mix different styles,  to mix
abstract  elements  and  concret elements,  to mix traditional elements and revolutionary elements for to get
to a syntheses of contradictions  and  correspondences. The  first  really  important  paintings I created after
my  daily  work as a  adviser  at  night and  on  weekend  Nowadays I spent  more  and  more  time  painting.
In  comparision to my  former  paintings , that  were  rather  informal, I reduced  the contrast of  colour to give
more importance to the surface.

The lines of my paintings seem to be the result of a spontaneous act  but  in  fact each of my paintings takes
weeks or  sometimes months to be completed.

Nowadays I am living in  Hirschberg  near  Heidelberg  and in my studio there I have all I need to realize works
of distinction.

I am always  conscious of the surroundings and the rooms where my paintings finally will develop their effects
on the persons  contemplating  them  because it is the person  who  is  watching  my work whose opinion will
decide if it is a godd work or a bad work I´ve done.

You are interested?

I am looking always for rooms that are appropriated for the exposition of my paintings.